f0reigntwo yes they were, they were amazing puppies

@ikea give me a job

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It Will All End In Tears - The Drums

The Fozz Nash boyz are streaming their EP on their bandcamp, check out this shit !¬†

hobo-r0cket lowercase-numbers you would dig this alot

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at-liens the couch still smells like goon from that time you spilt goon on the couch

But apart from all that everything is going well, the new place is amazing and I’m eating better/feeling better and I have a lot of fun things a head to look forward to !! Also I downloaded Frank so hopefully I finish all my work in time to watch that tonight because I have been looking forward to this film for ages

Adult. Stress. Being and Adult + stesss (!!!)

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Anonymous asked:
Ok so this might seem like a stupid question but. I know you go to loadsss of gigs/concerts, and I'm going to my first one tomorrow so do you have any tips??

Have fun !! Get close to the front so you can see everything, try not to like stand in front of speakers because it can sound kinda shitty. If you stand anywhere in the middle it will sound real good most of the time. Have a good time !!!

Anonymous asked:
what r u taking in uni

Mainly the piss

now accepting anon hate


but only in the form of haikus

I really like working with audio at uni but the only thing I don’t like is the way you can’t listen to anything at the same time so it’s a bit mind numbing zzzzz

Ahhhh I slept though class I feel so bad

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Iceage - Abundant Living