f0reigntwo replied to your post: ryan bought like another 60 crumpets a…

didnt u win it tho

yeah but ryans moving and he wants one for his new place so more crumpets :—)))))))))))))))))))

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ryan bought like another 60 crumpets and i’m pretty sure if i see another crumpet i’m going to cry myself to sleep

I’m kinda pissed jamie went home, he had such a good attitude :—((


James twodoorcinemakid smooth as fuckkk

And kids, that’s how I met your mother
Anonymous asked:
do you know where to get a good fake id?

Idk fake id’s are really easy to point out, I’d use a friends real ID who looks like you

Lily Allen is so not edgy omg

I don’t actually hate uni its actually pretty good like the government literally pays me to go so I ain’t complaining tbh

Anonymous asked:
I live in a house with 3 35y/o people and we're currently using kitchen paper towel as toilet paper. It doesn't end.

Yeah I think one of my house mates used a crumpet for toilet roll the other day

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever been to the hi-fi before? Do you know if they're strict on ID?

Yeah I’ve been there quite a few times and they haven’t been too bad. I mean they will always always check your ID but if your fakie looks kinda like you i think you should be ok maybe

i-did-a-whoopsey asked:
So I'm going Uni next year, what can i expect?

Alcohol, lack of motivation and regret

Universshitty… Interesting

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If yr seeing Interpol tonight fuck :) you :)