Get down to this on the 7th of Dec and support girls and bands

Anonymous asked:
who are u joan rivers, fashion police man


I also feel second hand embarrassment for people wearing creepers in 2014

Beautiful new track by I’lls, very reminiscent of Thom Yorke in ways. Get lost in it.

Today I got asked on a date and also finished a tub of ice cream what a day

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Do You // Spoon

Anonymous asked:
what gigs / festivals do you have tickets to or are planning on getting tickets to? :)

Hey ! 
Festivals I’m going to are Laneway/Sugar Mountain/Meredith and then maybe Paradise 

and then gigs I have coming up are GL on saturday night, I’lls @ workers, Black Cab @ Howler, Drunk Mums @ Howler, Dyson Stringer Clohe @ Howler, Dick Diver in November, Real Estate + Dick Diver and Spoon also I haven’t got tickets  for these yet but I’ll probably go to Run the Jewels + Joey Bada$$, The Black Lips + Kimbra


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Also I’ve been working @ the huxtaburger popup at the john curtin hotel in Carlton and it’s so great ! So many of my favourite bands play here regularly and it’s such a cool working environment. Plus everyone I work with is a champ and I get free food and dranks. 

Anonymous asked:
did you say yes?

Yeah it’s just like drinks or whatever I’m down for that


RIP Gough

Lmao a girl just asked me out via snap chat I’m really about this 21st century romance