I’m pretty drunk at a bar and my little brother just got me a drink that’s named after him called “the Shane Devlin Photography” and it’s literally just 4 shots and a lemon and lime.

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I’m a high school lover

Anonymous asked:
so i just found your blog, and i realized that i know you. or i recognize you. you went to my high school, and i think your mum taught me vcd in year 8?? also i that school was padua. then i know you. idk sorry if thats creepy. its just kinda funny.

Yeah that me, how good is mum for a teacher? 

padua a place by the sea, padua a place to find what makes us free

I’m playing sims 4 and my sim pissed the bed on his first night.

The new i oh you signing is so zzzzzzzzzzz

Same Sims 4

I’m so glad to have this week off uni

I just torrented sims 4 and might make record myself playing it drunk like that time I did the ms paint video.

He’s In Stock

steal my look: literally just a denim jacket 

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Took this love and I took it down.
Climbed a mountain and I turned around.
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills,
till the landslide brought me down.

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We just wanna jeep so we can sell it and pay our rent for like 10 years

Anonymous asked:
U r a myth how do you manage to do cool stuff with bands

I’m a myth